Knee liposuction is the procedure of removing the excess fat from around the kneecap. This can make the legs slimmer and more in proportion, giving a nicer leg line from the thigh to the calf. Knee liposuction is suitable for any man or woman over the age of 18 who has excess fat on their knees that they would like to banish.

How do I prepare for Knee Liposuction?

Even though knee liposuction is a straightforward surgical procedure, it is still a surgical procedure. Therefore you must prepare in the same way. You shouldn't consume any alcoholic beverages during the week prior to hip liposuction, and you should stop taking a medication which thins the blood, as this could cause severe blood loss during the hip liposuction surgery. Prior to any liposuction you should talk to your consultant about how to prepare for the knee liposuction.

During Knee Liposuction

Knee liposuction is performed under local, or general anesthetic depending on how extreme the liposuction is. Once the area is numb the liposuction surgeon will normally inject the knee area with a formula which will turn the fat into liquid. An incision will then be made for the hollow tube which will vacuum out the liquefied fat. After all the unwanted fat from the knee area is removed a compression garment, i.e a bandage will be applied to the knee to aid the healing process. Because the area has been numbed you cannot drive after knee liposuction surgery.

After Knee Liposuction

Even though all the unwanted fat from the knee has been removed, there will be swelling and bruising which might make your knees look bigger than they actually are. But once the swelling has gone down then you will see a noticeable difference. With the bruising and swelling will come some discomfort and pain, so you may need to painkillers for the first few days after the hip lipo.

For a full list of side effects from knee liposuction it is best to talk to your knee liposuction consultant. Knee liposuction is a great way of reducing your knee size to make your leg more in proportion and slimmer.