What is Facial/Jowl Liposuction

Though the thought may be somewhat troubling to many people, the face provides a brilliant platform for liposuction alterations. The damaging effects wrought by the aging process can be aided by facial liposuction, and can even help alter some inherited traits. The cheeks and chin are areas which can be positively affected by facial liposuction, though when used on the jowls- which are generally the first area to show dramatic aging- the effects are especially effective. The results are greatly enhanced in younger patients who opt for jowl liposuction, due to the increased elasticity of younger skin- producing amazing results.

During Jowl Liposuction

For jawline definition, a plastic surgeon will remove unnecessary fat cells using a tiny hollow suctioning device, about three millimeters around. The small size of this instrument allows for greater precision, meaning the doctor can work on the jowls without damaging the face. This precision targeting ability results in less pain and an easier recovery for the patient pending surgery.

The jowl liposuction procedure generally take around an hour and can be done without using general anesthetic. In order to prevent the patient feeling pain, a local numbing medication is injected. The doctor makes tiny incisions underneath the chin and beside each earlobe so as to provide an opening for the vacuuming instrument, which he uses to extract even amounts of fat from each side of the jawline. The tiny cuts are then closed with a couple of stitches.

After Jowl Liposuction

Jowl liposuction recovery takes about three or four days unlike the required extended recovery period pending a facelift, which can take around two weeks. As the facial tissues are rarely damaged by the procedure, bruising and swelling rapidly disappear after jowl liposuction. Two to three months after the procedure, the total effects of jowl liposuction will become apparent.

Jowl Liposuction Prices

The plastic surgeon's reputation and his or her location will both affect the price of jowl liposuction, though the average price of this procedure falls between £1500 and £3000. Some surgeons offer financing plans which can assist patients payment by stretching the costs over an extended period of time.