Large breasts, and the issues that some women face as a result, can be very problematic over time. Common complaints include back problems, neck and shoulder pain and even difficulty sleeping. Breast reduction is one of the fastest growing procedures in the UK as a result. Whilst generally a surgery undergone by women, it can also be desired by and is available to both genders to enhance confidence or improve confidence.

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, or mammaplasty reduction, can be undertaken in less than three hours. General anesthetic is administered prior to surgery to ensure the patient feels no pain in the surgical area during the procedure. Although the procedure is possible to be performed on an outpatient basis, one or two days hospital stay is usually a requirement. Breast reduction surgery removes unwanted amounts of fat, tissue and skin and the procedure may be accompanied by liposuction to assist with fat removal. Lasers may also be used to reduce blood loss.

The surgeon should provide a consultation explaining the several different procedures appropriate for breast reduction, and recommend the optimal option based on the individual patient and explain his reasoning for that decision. The preferred method is the inferior pedicle (or vertical scar) technique, which requires an incision around the areola and down to the curve underneath the breast, as the results are longer lasting and produce less scarring. In instances where this is not appropriate, the horizontal scar technique may be recommended by surgeons. Generally this works well for women with exceedingly large breasts. Women with firm, yet fatty, breasts requiring only a slight reduction may be recommended for liposuction alone.

After breast reduction surgery

A special bra is necessary to be worn after breast reduction surgery to provide extra support as they heal. Prescription medications can usually control the pain, though the accompanied bruising and discolouration may be prominent for several weeks. The size of the breasts are permanently altered by breast reduction surgery.